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Retail Analyst, Speaker, Consultant & Instructor

Bruce Winder is a Retail Analyst, Speaker, Consultant & Instructor serving a variety of clients in the retail, services and manufacturing industries. 

His 25 + years experience in big retail as well as consulting and freelancing make him one of Canada's most sought after experts in the retail field.  

Bruce is often interviewed on leading TV media outlets such as BNN-Bloomberg, CBC, CTV News, CTV National, CP24, Breakfast Television, CityNews, Global News and has contributed dozens of times to The Globe & Mail, The Financial Post, The Washington Post, BBC, The Toronto Star, Reuters, Bloomberg, Adweek, The Calgary Herald, The Ottawa Citizen and many more.

He has spoken at numerous company and industry events across North America sharing retail trends and industry best practices.

He enjoys teaching business at a Toronto business college and is writing his first book, due in 2020.

Bruce completed his MBA from The Smith School of Business at Queen`s University in 2004.

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Retail Speaker

Bruce offers keynote, industry panel and session facilitation speaking services. No teleprompter required!  Give him a call or email to discuss further.




Retail Consulting

Bruce, as part of Retail Advisors Network™, offers a variety of consulting services in areas such as strategy, retail, merchandising, procurement, global sourcing, supply chain, quality management and more. Challenge us with your problem or opportunity!

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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